Dry screw vacuum pump is the main use of a pair of screw, its characteristic is the two screw through fine dynamic balance correction, supported by the bearing, installed in the pump shell, there is a certain gap between the screw and the screw, so that the dry screw vacuum pump work, there is no friction, smooth operation, low noise, no need for the working chamber.


Lubricating oil and dry screw pump can remove gas containing large amount of water vapor and a small amount of dust. The ultimate vacuum is higher. But the screw pump used in our country mainly depends on import, and the price is very expensive.


Dry screw vacuum pump, which uses a pair of screws, synchronously and rapidly rotates in the pump housing to produce suction and exhaust equipment. Its advantages make up for the shortage of oil sealed vacuum pumps. We call them upgraded versions of oil sealed vacuum pumps. But the cost of dry screw vacuum pump is also its deficiency. Next, it introduces its advantages and disadvantages.


Advantages of dry screw vacuum pump


1. The working chamber and the surface of the screw rotor have anticorrosive coating, which can be adapted to harsh working conditions.


2. The gas is not compressed in the pump, so it is suitable to extract condensable gas.


3. No oil consumption, no drip leakage


4. The structure is simple and the maintenance is convenient.


5, the gas is directly discharged from the pump body, no pollution, no environmental pressure, gas recovery is more convenient.


Shortcomings of dry screw vacuum pump


1, because screw pump processing is difficult, China's use of screw pump mainly rely on imports, the price is very expensive.


2. It is not suitable for removing gas containing explosives.


3. It is not suitable for removing high oxygen gas.

With the development of China's industry, in the manufacturing of semiconductor industry and liquid crystal display, the requirements for the clean vacuum environment are getting higher and higher, and the traditional oil vacuum pump has not reached such requirements. The screw type dry vacuum pump has gained more and more attention and occupies an important position in the market of dry vacuum pump, because of its wide range of pumping speed, simple and compact structure, no friction, long life, low energy consumption and no oil pollution. In developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, screw type dry vacuum pumps have increasingly replaced traditional oil pumps in many fields.