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Brand: Tovac
Gas cooled roots vacuum pump
The air cooled roots vacuum pump is a type of Roots vacuum pump which allows continuous operation without overheating under high pressure differential. It also has the advantages of high speed and small volume of ordinary roots vacuum pump. Its work and cash depend on the mechanical strength of the pump itself.

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Gas Cooled Roots Vacuum Pump In China

1.Stable air flow and less pressure variation

2.Clean air not with oil moist

3.Construction simple and easy maintenance

4.Bearing are all lubricated bt oil moist

5.Lower energy consumption

6.Lower Noise and libration.

7.made of die-cast aluminum ADC12.

8.LIONGOAL Blower’s Bearing: continuously works 130000 hours without any lubricating and maintenance.

9.Die-cast aluminum alloy housing.

10.Both 50Hz and 60Hz available.

11.Dual-usage: Compressor and Vacuum (suction and blow).

12Electronic motor with IP54 protection and Insulation class F.

13.No oily odors.

14 Maintenance-free.

15.Easy installation.