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Brand: Tovac
Type: water ring vacuum pump
Serier: LG
Summary: The Industrial Vacuum Pump is equipped with a pair of parallel spiral rotors (1 and 2), one of which rotates in the right direction and the other is left. The two rotors maintain synchronous and reverse rotation through a pair of gears (3) in the pump body (9).

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Industrial Vacuum Pump In China

LG series water ring vacuum pumps, it is usually used to aspirate gases that dont contain solid particle, non - dissolves in water, no corrosiveness in order to form vacuum and pressure in closed container. Through changed structure material, it is to used to aspirate corroisive gases or act corrosive liquid as the working liquit
It is widely used in paper making, chemical industry, petrochemical, light industry,, pharmacy, foods, metallurgy, buliding, electrical equipment, coalcleaning, mineral concentration, fertilizer, etc.

Main Features
1) LG series pump with gas and water separator, many places set up aspirating and exhausting holes.

2) Pump cover set up exhausing valves, check and repair window.

3) The gap between impeller and distributing plate are adjusted hy gland of two ends of locating beraing.