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Brand: Tovac
Liquid Ring vacuum pump
The Liquid Ring vacuum pump is equipped with a pair of parallel spiral rotors (1 and 2), one of which rotates in the right direction and the other is left. The two rotors maintain synchronous and reverse rotation through a pair of gears (3) in the pump body (9).

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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump In China

2BE series water ring vacuum pump is used to pump or compress air or other noncorrosive gas not dissoluble in water and not containing solid particles.

It is widely used in the industries of machinery, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, sugar refining, dyeing and printing, metallurgy and electronics

Working conditions
1, The pump’s long-term continuous operation is allowed on the conditions of an ambient temperature range of 5~40°C and an inlet pressure less than 1330Pa. 
2, The pump is not applicable to pump and remove gases which contain too much oxygen, are poisonous, explosive and corrosive to metal, has a chemical reaction on pump oil and contains granular dust; it’s also not applicable as a transfer pump to transfer the gas form one container to another. 
3, The pump’s continuous operation time with an inlet pressure of 6000Pa atmospheric pressure shall not exceed 3 minutes lest the pump would be damaged due to oil injection or poor lubrication