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Brand: Tovac
Screw vacuum pump
The Vacuum Pump Outlet is equipped with a pair of parallel spiral rotors (1 and 2), one of which rotates in the right direction and the other is left. The two rotors maintain synchronous and reverse rotation through a pair of gears (3) in the pump body (9).

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Vacuum Pump Outlet Features: 

1:High utmost vacuum rate,it can be less than 0.5mbar
2:High deflating speed
3:Low noise while working, lower than 67db
4:Strong capacity in deflating the vapor
5:Protecting eveironment;an oil fog clearer is set in the vacuum pump,and no oil fog in the exhaust air.
6:Compact structure,scientific and reasonable design,and it is easy to install in the industry system Application Range of Single-stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

1. Food industry

2. Power plant,transformer industry.

3.Oil & gas industry

4.Plastics industry

5.Wood application


7. Vacuum forming process