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Brand: Tovac
Type: liquid ring
 vacuum pump
The screw vacuum pump is equipped with a pair of parallel spiral rotors (1 and 2), one of which rotates in the right direction and the other is left. The two rotors maintain synchronous and reverse rotation through a pair of gears (3) in the pump body (9).

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The liquid ring vacuum pump is innovation and development of TOVAC’s products, using of the fifth generation of compound variable pitch screw technology (30% energy saving, low exhaust temperature), with high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, lightweight, easy operation , reliable performance characteristics. It’s a main trend of the liquid ring vacuum pump.


1.Advanced technology;adopting advanced the fifth generation of compound variable pitch screw technology

2.Environmental friendly;environment protection, no-oil (oil free),  no-water, non-pollution ,  clean vacuum,

3.The gases pumped can be recycled, applying for oil and gas recovery and solvent recycling and special gas recycling

4.Energy-saving, energy-saving technology with variable pitch, reduce energy consumption by 30%

5.Chemical corrosion resistance, having anti-corrosion film PTPE 

6.Air-cooled structure, easy to operate

7.High ultimate vacuum up to 3Pa

8.Operating pressures from atmospheric pressure to ultimate pressure

9.Saving manpower, Longer maintenance intervals of up to ten thousands hours

10.Easy to clean, if the pump under the dirt can be filled with the gas or cleaning agent to cleaning.

11.Reliable sealing structure, use of a lip seal, mechanical seal and a gas seal structure, exhaust smooth, with good fluid-handling capabilities

12.Light weight, using new lightweight materials

13.Low voice and vibration, using high precision parts.

14.Low temperature rise, due to the use the new material, and heat faster.

15.Shockproof prevent design can be placed on the ground directly.

16.Disassembling break, easy to maintain.