A vacuum system is a similar name for a vacuum unit. A vacuum unit is a closed loop vacuum device composed of several vacuum pumps. It does not have some equipment, such as a radiator, a condenser and so on. Generally, the vacuum system is sure to be complete. There are a wide variety of vacuum application equipment, but no matter what kind of vacuum application equipment, there is a set of gas pumping system to remove the gas in the container in order to obtain the required vacuum conditions in the vacuum vessel. For example, a vacuum treatment container is connected to a vacuum pump with a pipe and a valve. When the vacuum pump is evacuated to the container, there is a vacuum measuring device on the container, which makes up a simplest vacuum pumping system. So how many pumps are there in the vacuum system compared to the unit? This is uncertain. Let's first understand the possible explanation of the terms of the pump.


Main pump: in the vacuum system, the vacuum pump is used to obtain the required vacuum to meet the specific process requirements. For example, the oil diffusion pump in the vacuum coating machine is the main pump.


Front stage pump: a vacuum pump used to maintain a pre vacuum pressure below a critical pre pressure level of a vacuum pump. For example, the rotary pump or slide valve pump equipped with roots pump is the front stage pump.


Crude pump: pumping at atmospheric pressure and pumping the system pressure to another vacuum pump to start working. For example, the slide valve pump in the vacuum coating machine is the crude oil pump.


Maintenance pump: in the vacuum system, the volume of gas is very small, and can not effectively use the former pump. To this end, a smaller auxiliary pump is used to maintain the main pump. This pump is called a maintenance pump. For example, a small rotary vane pump at the outlet of the diffusion pump is to maintain the pump.


In fact, a simple vacuum system can only get a crude vacuum, and when you want to get a high vacuum, a high vacuum pump, such as a Roots pump and a screw pump, is usually connected to a vacuum system, such as a Roots pump and a screw pump, which are a high vacuum pump. When a high vacuum pump is connected in series, valve is usually added to the inlet and outlet of the high vacuum pump so that the high vacuum pump can keep the vacuum alone. Experts believe that if the series of high vacuum pumps are an oil diffusion pump, in order to prevent a large amount of oil vapor back flow into the pumped container, a trap is usually added to the inlet of the oil diffusion pump, the water cooled baffle. According to the requirements, we can also add the dust collector, the vacuum relay gauge, the vacuum soft connection pipe, the vacuum pump inlet valve, the radiator and so on, so as to form a more perfect high vacuum system.