Nowadays, the society pays more and more attention to the problem of environmental protection, and the demand for some noise is very high. The vibration of the vacuum pump unit may produce some sound and have some influence on the surrounding. The following method is introduced to solve the vibration of the vacuum pump unit.

1. Add a spring isolator.

1. Selection of spring isolator for vacuum pump unit:

The self standing spring damper is generally used. Its advantages are simple structure and low cost; the spring is exposed in the outside, it is easy to observe the spring state at any time. For the replacement spring to be disposed in advance, to avoid the excessive damage of the spring corrosion, the sudden settlement of the vacuum pump unit causes the damage of the equipment and the pipe breaking and so on.


2, the selection of spring:

The general damper manufacturer selects the spring to meet the following requirements: the spring diameter should not be less than 0.8 times its height under the rated load; the spring must have a certain additional stroke, the vortex flowmeter is at least 50% of the rated static deflection; the horizontal stiffness of the spring is at least 100% of the rigidity of the straight steel, in order to ensure the stability of the damper.


3, the selection of the deflection of the spring damper:

Generally, the rated deflection of the spring damper of the arch of the damper manufacturer is generally 25MM (the self frequency value is about 3-4HZ), and this deflection can be separated from the vibration isolation of a vacuum pump unit with 650 turns per minute. When the rotational speed is less than 650, it is recommended to use 40 spring deflection isolators.


Two. Install rubber isolator.

The selection of rubber isolator: the material is usually C.R, N.R, and the compression rubber damper is generally selected. For the lighter vacuum pump unit, the shear rubber damper can be selected. Compared with the spring damper, the vibration isolation performance of the rubber damper is relatively different.


Three, add the Sui base.

In order to meet the more stringent vibration system standard of vacuum pump units, it is undoubtedly the best choice to use spring isolators when installing the Sui base.