The procedures for assembling and disassembling the 2XZ rotary vane vacuum pump are summarized as follows:


Disassembly of 2XZ type rotary vane vacuum pump.


1. Oil release


2. Unscrew the intake flange flange, pull out the intake nozzle, release the gas flange screw and pull out the gas valve.


3, remove the oil tank.


4. Remove the check pin and remove the check valve impeller.


5, remove the connection screw between the support and the pump, remove the pump part, and the motor dismantling is convenient.


6, loosen the cover screw, remove the pump cover, pull out the two rotor and rotary vane. When the low grade rotor is removed, the pin is removed first.


Assembly of two and 2XZ type rotary vane vacuum pumps


1. Wipe the parts with gauze to prevent the oil holes from coming back.


2. After loading the rotary blade into the rotor slot, the advanced rotor is loaded into the stator, that is the spring body, and the top of the pump, the pin, the screw, the key and the coupling are installed with the L. It should be rotated by hand without leakage and obvious weight. The top face of the stator should be facing down, so that the rotor is close to the circular arc of the stator with the help of gravity, and the gap is best in 0.0lmm.


3. The assembly method of the low grade rotor is the same.


4, install check valve impeller and other check parts, should make the check valve head plane alignment into the oil nozzle hole, according to the work of the steering rotation of the rotor and gently with the hand. Reverse the impeller, the oil hole should be opened and closed, the maximum opening height of the adjustment valve head is 0.8 to 1.2 millimeters, which can be realized in the position of the check valve seat and the rubber check valve head in the valve stem hole. Easy to check: facing the impeller, make the 3mm drive pin in the right hand position and move the impeller in clockwise direction, at this time the opening height of the check valve head plane is near to the maximum, which should be 0.8 to 1.2mm. When the rotor is stopped at any position and the hand is loosened from the impeller, the check valve head should automatically fall off the oil hole.


5, install 2XZ type rotary vane vacuum pump exhaust valve, oil baffle and other parts.


6, the pump, key, coupling, motor installed on the support.


7. Install the tank.


8, insert intake nozzle, gas valve, install flange tighten.


Be careful:


1. The clean vacuum pump oil is applied to the friction surface of the assembly.


2, remember that the original location of parts can reduce running time.


3, fasteners should not be loosened.