For the water ring vacuum pump, its pipeline installation for the construction workers, not only need to have high technology but also need to know a certain installation skills, the following is the introduction of a water ring vacuum pump pipeline installation skills.


1, the shorter the distance between the vacuum system outlet and the pump inlet, the better.


2, the less the better the pipe turn.


3, the inlet pipe should be higher than the inlet centerline of the pump, and the outlet pipe should avoid the factors that cause greater resistance, such as the climbing of the outlet pipe, the right angle turn, etc.


4. The diameter of the inlet and outlet pipe should be in accordance with the diameter of the import and export of the product. If the vacuum system is smaller, the diameter of the inlet and outlet can be small, but it should not be less than 70% of the diameter of the import and export of the product, and the diameter of the outlet should be greater than or equal to the diameter of the inlet pipe.


5, the bend of the pipe should be round and slippery.


6. The inlet pipe of the water ring vacuum pump should be installed the valve, which is used to adjust the amount of water, the amount of water is influenced by the vacuum, and the valve is controlled by observing the pointer of the vacuum table when adjusting the amount of water.