Roots vacuum pump unit has been widely applied in metallurgy, petrochemical, papermaking, food and electronic industries. In order to make better use of Roots vacuum pump and bring it into full play, we should explain the knowledge of ventilation before use.


1, the air from the air intake to the roots vacuum pump unit to form a convective blow, in this process, close to the doors and windows near the unit closed, forced air from the air intake side doors and windows compensation into the workshop, air queue, an orderly air inlet into the workshop, flow through the workshop, from the workshop.


2, ventilation is complete and efficient, and the ventilation rate can be as high as 99%. Through specific engineering design and design of air speed and wind speed according to the needs, any high heat, harmful gas and dust smoke can be quickly discharged from the workshop. Any problem of bad ventilation can be completely solved in one time and can be reached in a few seconds from opening station.


3, roots vacuum pump unit out of air to reduce indoor air pressure, indoor air thinning, the characteristics of the water ring type vacuum pump to form a negative pressure area, air due to air pressure difference compensation into the room, in the actual application of industrial plant, it is concentrated on the factory side, the inlet of the air inlet on the other side of the building room.


The roots vacuum pump units do well in the ventilation process, which can reduce the loss caused by resistance and improve efficiency.