Screw vacuum pump is a power equipment for operation, how to run on a flat day, exactly, how can the equipment on your hand run well for a long time, which can have an operation specification. Today, Xiaobian summed up a standard operation method, hoping to help you.


First, check and prepare before starting

1, check whether the various components of the vacuum pump are complete.


2. Check the oil level at the different oil level mirrors and confirm that the oil level is about 3mm above the central line of the oil mirror.


3. Check and confirm the status of each valve of the vacuum unit.


(1) closure of the process inlet valve


(2) closure of the inlet filter drain valve


(3) export pipeline is unblocked and outlet pipe drain valve opens.

(4) valves for cooling water inlet and outlet lines are opened.


(5) nitrogen valve opens, purge gas pressure is 0.5bar, nitrogen seal gas pressure is 3bar, purge valve is closed.


Two. Start the operation procedure


1, on-site contact with the central control, confirm that it can start, start the vacuum pump through the on-the-spot operation column start button.


2, close the outlet pipe discharge valve;


3, check or adjust the nitrogen sealing gas flow rate, confirm the flow rate is 2.5 - 3L/min;


4. Open the purge valve, confirm that the flow rate of the flowmeter is adjusted to the maximum, and sweep 5 to 10 minutes, then close the purge valve.


5, open the process entrance valve, cut into the system;


6. During the operation of the vacuum pump, the temperature of the body can be observed. The temperature can be adjusted by the temperature regulating valve to control the temperature (the maximum amount of water in the 0 scale, the minimum amount of water at the 5 scale), and the temperature is controlled at 50 - 75 C as far as possible to ensure that the temperature is not more than 80.


Three. Downtime operation steps


1, close the process inlet valve and cut out the system.


2, open the purge valve, purge 20 to 40 minutes, close the purge valve.


3, the stop button is stopped by the site operation column.


4, close the nitrogen valve;


5, close the cooling water valve; if winter is not used for a long time, it is necessary to drain the cooling water in the body and the pipeline to prevent freezing.


6, open the outlet pipe drain valve and inlet filter drain valve, check whether there is condensate.



Roots vacuum pump unit is a vacuum unit composed of Roots vacuum pump and front pump. The general vacuum limit can reach 2 PPA to 0.02 PPA. The method of starting the roots vacuum pump unit is to connect the unit to the pump, turn on the cooling water of the roots vacuum unit, open the front stage pump, and then slowly open the main valve (generally the entrance valve of the roots vacuum pump), when the roots pump starts to follow the vacuum pump to 1000 to 500 PA (simple judgment method). Roots pump does not follow. Turn on Roots pump until you need vacuum.