Steam sterilizer, breathing apparatus, mattress, protective clothing, dental therapeutic apparatus, central vacuum system.

    All medical products must meet the strictest reliability, quality and service requirements. Topv vacuum products have the following functions in the production of medical products.

     One. steam sterilization

    Sterilization of various devices and equipment is very important in medical practice, hospitals, laboratories and pharmaceutical equipment.

    Three different working cycles of the sterilizer:

    Draw air: air prevents hot steam from contacting directly with the object being sterilized - that is why it is necessary to evacuate it from the container. The air pressure should be reduced to 100 mbar (27 "HgV) and then injected into hot steam. This process is repeated 3 to 4 times. Sterilization: under 2-3bar pressure (30-45 psi) and 121-134 degree C (250 to 275 degrees F), steam is injected into the container and all bacteria are killed. In the process of sterilization, the vacuum pump does not work. Drying: after the sterilization is completed, the vacuum pump will discharge the air in the sterilizer until the vacuum level reaches 50 mbar (28.5 "HgV), which is used for drying the sterilized object.

    Two. Breathing apparatus

    The breathing apparatus used by patients with lung disease is equipped with our small air - loop fan, which is used to compress breathing air, and then filter the air. If needed, it can also increase oxygen content or dosage. A valve is installed to regulate the respiratory pressure of the patient according to the respiratory cycle and treatment needs.

    Three. air bed

    Air bed for bedsore patients with bedsore risk (bedsore ulcer) can bring obvious improvement to patients. Using air cushion can better cure dry skin. At the same time, through the different air bags exhaust and inflatable, can change the pressure on the skin, help prevent bedsore. By choosing different parts to raise and reduce, air bed can treat patients and personal care.

    Four. Protective clothing

    Protective clothing can be used to avoid infection when the air is polluted. An overpressure is generated, and the protective clothing is penetrated into the protective clothing through suitable pipes. Under the condition of full airtight, bacteria can be prevented from penetrating the protective clothing.

    Five. Dental therapeutic apparatus

    In most dental treatments, a vacuum system is used to extract saliva, secretions, tooth chips and cooling water. Both central and dispersed vacuum systems are used. The air ring fan generates vacuum in the spittoon of the suction tube and the treatment chair side, sucking saliva, tooth chips and other biological substances.

    Six. Central vacuum system
    Hospitals and surgical outpatients use central vacuum system to extract liquid from surgery. A separator is set up near the operating equipment to separate the large and small particles and deal with them appropriately. Usually, because of the limited space near the surgical equipment, the vacuum system can be installed at a distance.