Drying floor, waterpipe anticorrosion protection, central vacuum cleaning system.

In terms of facility handling, the two uses of the product are drying and oxygen extraction. The vacuum pump in central vacuum system is mainly used for dust removal to ensure cleanliness of workplaces.

One, the drying floor

The concrete surface needs a lot of water to coagulate, so it is impossible to install floors or wallpaper before it is fully dried. Although it is common sense to make a house dry naturally, this method is impractical because of time constraints. The dehumidification device is used for drying faster and more effectively, and the dryer is effective.

To dry the floor, drill two inch (50mm) holes on the isolation layer. The air blower blows the dry air into the wet zone through the hose system and takes away the moisture. The pressure produces the moisture from the edge of the floor or through the proper discharge holes. Indoor condensing device or absorption drying device is used to absorb moist air and thoroughly dry it.

Two. Anticorrosion and protection of water pipe

For tall buildings, water pipes in buildings must be protected against corrosion. Anticorrosion protection can be carried out by adopting protective interlayer, and the corrosion of deoxidizing water to metal is much lower than that of untreated water. The water flows through the oxygen permeation layer in the vacuum device to diffuse the oxygen through it and discharge it out of the water. At the same time, the vacuum water ring vacuum pump produces the oxygen / air mixture generated during the diffusion process.

Three. Central vacuum cleaning system

Any sensitive person knows that the traditional vacuum cleaning device is better in vacuuming than in emptying, and does not carry out any substantive filtration.

 The central vacuum cleaning system, which includes a vacuum unit and filter installed in the basement of a building, is intended to separate the opening to install the vacuum hose next to the electrical outlet - the efficient and quiet discharge of the dust from the pipeline and the substance that can cause allergies.