Salad oil and fat deodorization, tea and condiment sterilization, sausage production, ham production, vacuum evaporator.

Many processes in the food and beverage industry can be optimized through the use of vacuum technology. In addition, in the process of food packaging, Topv vacuum pump can be used to discharge air, can prolong the storage time of food, and can remove odor.

1. Degassing of mineral water

Natural source mineral water contains carbonic acid, minerals and iron. If exposed to air, iron dissolved in water will oxidize and make the taste of water worse. Water needs to be removed from water under the pressure of about 50mbar, but a panicle vacuum pump is first used to remove carbides in the water and then introduced to produce soda water.

Two. Humidification of tobacco products

If the product is not properly humidified, the tobacco products packaged in the box are too fragile and can be broken into fines during further processing. The vacuum pump is used to evacuate the air in the box, add steam, and sometimes add aromatics.

Three, salad oil and deodorization of fat

Long term exposure will cause odor of salad oil and fat. Before proceeding further treatment, oxides must be removed. This can be achieved by injecting steam, absorbing odors, and removing steam by using Sui Cheng vacuum equipment.

Four. Sterilization of tea and condiments

The tea and condiments imported from the tropics are placed in the container, then shipped, often with pests, insects, fungi and bacteria. If further processing is needed, they must be killed first by placing the container in a vacuum container and pumping air. Then, the steam or the germicidal gas is injected into the container.

Five, the production of sausage

In order to produce sausages, the mixed meat is cut into small pieces, with seasoning and additives. In the process of cutting meat and mixing, evacuation of air can avoid the oxidation of mixed meat, and oxidation will affect the taste and appearance of sausages. Vacuum device is used to evacuate air at about 100mbar of pressure. The Topv vacuum pump was insensitive to the extracted meat and granules.

Six. Ham production

It's hard for you to see the dried and smoked ham on the real fireplace. Instead, the ham is made in a soaking way, which can soak the meat faster and more directly after the air is evacuated.

Seven. Vacuum evaporator

The aid pump is used to assist the evaporation of liquid substances in the mixture. The evaporator is usually a packed tower. According to the actual use of the environment, the material of Sui Cheng vacuum pump can be made of standard material or stainless steel. Vacuum evaporator can be used in many occasions, such as milk evaporator in milk processing plant, thick liquid evaporator of pulp mill, crystallization plant of chemical plant and tray type evaporator of sugar factory.