Central vacuum treatment system, compressed air regeneration, vacuum cleaner, lifting and fixing position, vacuum degassing, vacuum milking, ozone production, brick making plant.

For the use of industrial systems, our vacuum technology products have a wealth of experience and are continuing. We can even find suitable products for non mainstream industries. Fixed regular pickup and location operations are often performed by Topv vacuum products. At the same time, there are also the preset packaging system.

1. Central vacuum treatment system

The vacuum pump vacuumates the tank so that any of the processes in the process need to be pumped through a vacuum tank, and all the vacuum suction points are connected to the slot by a common mother tube. Widely used in electronic device manufacturers, tape production plants, hospitals and so on.

Two, compressed air regeneration

The inhalation gas dryer needs periodic regeneration, which usually uses about 15% of compressed air to blow away. When the vacuum pump is used, the amount of compressed air can be reduced from 15% to 5%, so that more than 10% of the compressed air can be produced. All industries that need a lot of compressed air can be used, such as pulp mill, iron and steel plant, chemical plant, glass production, etc.

Three. Vacuum cleaning machine

The vacuum washer can force water to pass through the fabric and extract the dirt on the fabric. Vacuum extraction forces saturated air to pass through the fabric and remove moisture from the fabric (due to surface tension, water molecules are between fibers). It can reduce energy consumption, reduce raw material consumption and improve product quality. It can be used for cleaning carpets and all kinds of fabrics.

Four, promotion and fixed position

When moving, the target can be lifted by vacuum. In the process of processing, the target can be fixed by vacuum. Compared to the dry vacuum pump, the water ring vacuum pump can improve the efficiency and reduce the maintenance cost obviously.

Five. Vacuum degassing

In some manufacturing processes, degassing is needed before the liquid is processed. If the required pressure exceeds the cavitation limit of the pump body, an additional injector should be added as the second stage vacuum device. Some systems do not want to install the ejector. In the bottling plant, the water ring vacuum pump can be used to replace the rotary vane pump. For the production of high quality steel, degassing of molten molten steel is required.

Six. Vacuum milking

The central vacuum system of the water ring vacuum pump can be used to milking cows. The liquid ring pump instead of the rotating pump can improve the operation reliability, 100 oil free and reduce the environmental pollution.

Seven. Ozone production

Use water ring compressor to raise oxygen or air to 20-30PLS. Then, through the cooler and dryer to enter the ozone generator, the ozone generated from the tank is used for various treatment processes. Ozone can be used for the final sterilization and removal of metal ions, bleaching of paper, and decolorization of clay such as kaolin.

Eight. Brick factory

In brick making and refractory manufacturing plants, water ring vacuum pumps are used for degassing clay materials before calcination.