Condenser exhaust, central vacuum pumping, marine low pressure air compressor, marine low pressure air compressor.

With the development of the shipbuilding industry, many vacuum devices have been widely applied to many commercial and military ships.

One, condenser exhaust

The condenser exhaust includes air and other non condensable gases from the steam space of the condenser of the generator. The purpose of discharging these gases is to keep the turbine back pressure as low as possible. These devices are of vital importance in commercial shipping.

Two. Central vacuum pumping

In this application, the vacuum pump is used to keep the bilge pumping and transfer to the pump system, so that the bottom drain pump can start quickly. In different applications, such as washing water and bilge water, the same vacuum system can be used for pumping water, each with its own water injection valve. In this way, cross pollution can be avoided.

Three. Marine low pressure air compressor

The marine low pressure air compressor is a reliable, oil-free low pressure equipment which provides any air needed for the deck. The same system can provide oil free breathing air for workers wearing protective clothing.

Four, turbine confidentiality sealed off the exhaust

Steam turbines seal the shaft with a sealing tube to avoid air leakage. These seals are sealed with steam. In order to achieve its design performance, continuous steam and condensate must be continuously extracted.